World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place every year on September 10. To mark the awareness campaign, we've brought together a selection of content showcasing how nurses are affected by deaths by suicide, personally and professionally, including articles exploring what nurses can do to reduce deaths by suicide.

People at risk of suicide

Report calls for better support for people at risk of suicide

NHS Resolution criticises inadequate help, including for those with substance misuse problems

Sheffield's Northern General Hospital

Father of man who took his own life calls for more coordinated mental health services

Richard Bellerby has criticised the trust that treated his son for its 'lack of care'


Boosting support for people with cancer who are at high risk of suicide

Public Health England's examination of patients’ cause of death highlights the need for...


Nurse's death by suicide should serve as warning to profession...

Toxic workplace and 'put up and shut up' culture still pervades the NHS

Suicide prevention in the US needed now more than ever

As US suicide rates continue to rise, what can emergency nurses do to help those at risk?

Male adolescent suicidality: a literature review

Male adolescent suicidality: a literature review

In the UK, suicide rates in adolescent males continue to rank consistently and significantly...

Nurse training targeted to reduce suicide rate

Initiative aims to cut suicides by 10%; funding focused on eight hotspots

A nurse talks to a young man who looks distressed

Bigger picture: training can help us to reduce deaths by suicide

Nurses in emergency care must be prepared to assess and support those who may be in need

Suicide risk in informal carers of people living with dementia

Suicide risk in carers of people with dementia

With an ageing population comes an increasing risk of illnesses such as dementia and a...


An enquiry into young men at risk of suicide in the UK

Men are at a higher risk of suicide; 70% of people who die by suicide are men. By exploring...

Lucy de Oliveira

Bereaved mother of nursing student says nurses need better mental health care

Mother of nursing student who died by suicide calls for change in workplace attitudes


Nurses’ attitudes to supporting people who are suicidal in emergency departments

The aim of this study is to determine emergency nurses’ knowledge about, and perceived...

NICE issue guidelines on suicide prevention in community settings

Guidelines for suicide prevention have been set out in an attempt to reduce the number of...

Annessa Rebair: Why suicide prevention must be part of pre-registration nurse education 

Senior lecturer in mental health Annessa Rebair lost her brother to suicide when he was 21....

Exploration of the correlation between sleep problems and suicidal ideation in...

There has been an increase in the number of adolescents who display self-harm behaviours,...

Save a life: nurse-led training

Course on helping people with suicidal thoughts

Rhian Burke: Bereavement support after our baby’s death could have saved my husband

Days after Rhian Burke’s baby son died in an emergency department, her husband took his own...

Suicide rates fall in England and Wales, but rise in Scotland

Suicide figures have fallen over the last year, but more than 5,600 people still lost their...