Oral health series

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Lisa Berry
Lisa Berry

Hello, I’m Nursing Older People editor Lisa Berry and oral health is a topic I’m passionate about.

As a child in the 1970s I was fascinated by my nan’s night-time routine of removing her dentures and soaking them in a teacup filled with cleaning solution.

Thankfully, nowadays many older people have retained their natural teeth, but oral hygiene is still too often neglected in this population.

To mark National Smile Month (14 May to 14 June), which aims to promote good oral health, I have grouped together a series of related articles from Nursing Older People’s archive showcasing the importance of this fundamental care intervention.

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These articles provide practical suggestions and strategies for nurses and care staff in all settings to improve oral hygiene and health. I hope they will help you in your practice.

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Oral health

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Oral hygeine

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Oral hygeine

Oral hygiene and mouth care for older people in acute hospitals: part 1

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