cervical cancer

This week – 15-21 June– is Cervical Screening Awareness Week. More than 3,200 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 890 women lose their lives to the disease every year. Around 5 million UK women are invited to cervical screening each year, yet one in four do not attend. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the experience, adding further complications. RCNi has a wide range of resources available to help nurses understand the barriers to cervical screening uptake.

How to discuss the human papillomavirus infection with patients in primary care

How to discuss the human papillomavirus infection with patients in primary care

An overview of HPV, including its types, transmission, links to cancer and testing

Molecular model of human papillomavirus

Cervical cancer and screening: advice for nurses

Updated RCN guidance on cervical cancer covers vaccination recommendations and screening

Picture shows smear kit to test for papilloma virus and cervical cancer

Women put off cervical screening during COVID-19 pandemic

Virus fears and not wanting to put a strain on the NHS among worries, survey reveals

Illustration of mental health service users discussing cervical screening with healthcare professionals

Cervical cancer screening resources to address mental health disparities

Support for women service users with severe mental illness to access screening

Picture shows computer artwork of human papilloma virus particles in the bloodstream. A more sensitive cervical screening test rolled out across the UK means infections will be spotted earlier

How to advise women about the new cervical screening test

More sensitive test could save hundreds of lives as infections will be spotted earlier

Picture shows a gynaecologist performing a cervical smear on a teenage patient. Cervical cancer is rising in women aged 25-29, reflecting their failure to attend screening, a charity says.

Low numbers of young women attending screening linked to sharp rise in cervical cancer

Rise in cervical cancer cases down to failure to attend screening, charity believes

Picture shows a school nurse giving a girl the HPV vaccination. Vaccinations for children a new screening method that looks for traces of HPV and could result in cervical cancer being eliminated, the NHS says.

Cervical cancer could be eliminated, NHS says

Vaccinations for all children, along with upgraded screening for HPV ‘will save lives’

Picture shows a light micrograph of a cervical smear revealing epithelial cells infected with HPV. In this patient, the smear would be considered borderline abnormal.

Cervical cancer: how nurses can dispel myths and offer support around HPV

Myths about human papillomavirus could have damaging effects on women’s lives

Improving women’s uptake of cervical screening in primary care

Improving women’s uptake of cervical screening in primary care

Strategies healthcare professionals can implement to improve the uptake of cervical screening

Coronation Street's Sinead Tinker

Coronation Street storyline sends a powerful message about cervical screening

Coronation Street has been praised for its balanced portrayal of life with cancer

Sinead Tinker, a character in Coronation Street, in hospital

Coronation Street cervical cancer story could increase take-up of screening services

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust worked with scriptwriters to produce a realistic storyline

Nurses need to do more on cervical screening as Jade Goody effect fades

Ten years on from peak Jade Goody factor, nurses should encourage women to book a test

Take a break, have a smear test: NHS trust’s bid to boost uptake among staff

Workplace cervical screening is proving a hit with nurses

Public Health England launches first cervical screening campaign

Campaign aims to reverse 20-year low in the number of women receiving smear tests

Study supports new screening method for cervical cancer

Screening for high risk human papillomavirus more sensitive than cytology testing

RCN urges nurses to encourage cervical screening tests

New RCN guidelines advise nurses to encourage eligible women to access cervical screening...

Human papillomavirus vaccine to be offered to boys in England

HPV vaccine programme for adolescent boys aims to cut incidence of related cancers