Trish Morris-Thompson

Relaxing the NMC’s fitness to practise sanctions has risky implications

Will this COVID-19 related decision affect public confidence in nurses?

Safeguarding vulnerable adults

This article explores some of the issues surrounding safeguarding vulnerable adults, examines some of the related legislation and literature, and outlines the responsibilities of those who care for this patient group. The article describes how one hospital that specialises in caring for people with early-onset dementia, Huntingdon’s disease and alcohol-related brain injury who require additional support, has provided staff with appropriate evidence-based information about safeguarding adults.

Role of careers advisers in nurse recruitment

The aim of the national Image of Nursing programme is to attract high calibre recruits to nursing. This article describes research into the role of careers advisers and how they perceive the image of ‘nurses’ and ‘nursing’. It explores their professional profiles, perceptions and attitudes to nursing as a career, knowledge about the requirements and opportunities for entering nursing, and the resources used. The findings identify a number of systemic influences, in six themes, from which are derived 16 recommendations. Nurse leaders across healthcare services and universities are ideally placed to review, revise and develop the recommendations to optimise high calibre nurse recruitment and provide a more positive image of nursing.