Thelma Agnew

Howard Catton

Nursing’s big moment: why 2020 will be a platform for the profession

The British nurse heading the ICN says it’s time to build on what Nursing Now has begun

Andrea Sutcliffe

The NMC isn’t all about striking people off – there’s so much we can do to support care

New chief executive wants registrants going through FtP processes to be shown kindness

Ruth May

We need to speak up about why being a nurse is fantastic

England’s new chief nurse Ruth May believes this message is key to recruitment and retention

‘It’s time nursing had a marketing campaign – and we can help deliver it’

Universities have the expertise to promote all specialties, says Brian Webster-Henderson

Yvonne Coghill

‘As BME people we need to put ourselves forward’

BME nurses’ achievements too often go unsung, but Yvonne Coghill is determined to change that

‘Nurses can’t wait for a place at the table, we need to take it’

In his director role at NHS England, Paul Vaughan is pushing boundaries that hold nurses back

Barbara Stilwell

Let’s show the whole world what nurses can do

Nursing Now leader Barbara Stilwell wants nurses to look beyond the demands of the job

Eileen Sills

As a nurse leader, you don’t have to be a hero

Dame Eileen Sills is focusing on staff well-being – including her own

Emilia Clarke

Star power: Emilia Clarke set to ‘shine a light’ for nurses

RCN ambassador says her Game of Thrones character would ‘absolutely approve’ of her new role

Jane Cummings

Biggest challenge has been wanting to do more, says outgoing chief nurse

Jane Cummings hopes her legacy will be a more ‘balanced’ image of nursing

RCN chair: Adamant nurses must use their voice

RCN chair Maria Trewern is full of hope for the profession – and wants to give members more clout

A nurse’s story: what it takes to do the hardest job of all

Author and RCN congress keynote speaker Christie Watson says nurses desperately need support

As a nurse peer I have access to ministers - and they do listen

Baroness Watkins is using her public profile and access to ministers to shape policy 

New education standards will prepare students for the rigours of modern nursing

Reform of preregistration nurse education will not only affect students, but the profession...

NHS transformation plans 'lack involvement from front line staff'

Plans being developed for the future of health and social care services in England, are...

An extraordinary life

Celebrated nurse Elizabeth Anionwu spent 9 years in care as a child, and her early life was...

Race and the NHS – a chance for change

How can we make the NHS fairer for black staff? Start by having an honest conversation, said...

Race and the NHS – a chance for change

How can we make the NHS fairer for black staff? Start by having an honest conversation, said...