Susan Williams

Brexit illustration

Why it’s important to keep our links with European nurse networks strong

As UK nurses, we need to hold on to our international collaborations after Brexit

Social healthcare

Adapting overseas models of health and social care to the UK: what could work?

Providing help funded through long-term care insurance may be part of the answer


Will Brexit mean the end of the UK's involvement in European health collaborations?

It has been business as usual for European health organisations since the referendum, but what will happen after a Brexit deal is struck?

Make your voice heard on international recruitment

World Health Organization code aimed at tackling global shortage of healthcare workers


International outlook: nursing and healthcare at risk as Brexit draws nearer

The RCN is calling on the government to solidify its plans to protect the nursing workforce in the UK, writes Susan Williams

International outlook: new WHO director general pledges nurses in top team

Susan Williams puts the focus on newly-elected Tedros Adhanom Gheberyesus, who this month takes up the post of director general of the World Health Organization


International outlook: RCN partnership scheme aids nursing development in Zambia

The government has promised to fund more partnerships between healthcare organisations in the UK and developing world.

Nursing in EU

International outlook: implications of Brexit for nurses

How will the UK’s withdrawl from the European Union affect employment in the nursing profession?

Global nursing

International outlook

Investing in the nursing workforce globally


International outlook on advance practice nursing

Study confirms countries taking an active approach to gain advanced practive nursing.

Antibiotic medicines

International outlook: action on antibiotics

Nurses and other healthcare professionals are taking on the challenge of antimicrobial resistance