Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor with a research participant

Here’s why this is an exciting time to be a clinical research nurse

There is more guidance and support now for nurses who want to combine research with practice

nurse researcher with a patient

Nursing and clinical research: let’s look at the impact of nurses

Without the wide spectrum of nursing roles in research there wouldn’t be excellent practice


Rachel Taylor: Patients have a right to know the results of research

A theatre project is using a performance to disseminate the results of a research programme into teenage and young adult cancer services.

Use of the internet to optimise collaborative healthcare research

This article explores some of the issues related to setting up and maintaining virtual collaborations in healthcare research. Using the learning from one such collaboration–the Virtual Institute of Research in Healthcare Practice–and the literature on collaborative and virtual working, this article examines the interface of collaboration and virtual working and some of the methods that may maximise achievement. Some pointers are also offered for those setting up or working in the area of collaborative healthcare research.