Peter Draper

Exploring nurses’ use of language with older people

The authors discuss ways in which nurses speak to older people. Research shows that the words nurses use can have a powerful effect on the wellbeing of older people. An experimental project developed at the University of Hull is described in which creative writing techniques were used to increase nursing students’ and staff’s sensitivity to the importance of language in care. The project enabled participants to co-create a body of work that was subsequently displayed in the faculty reception, and it showed how trusting relationships could be developed between participants. The authors are working to extend the project by finding ways to embed creative writing in the undergraduate nursing curriculum.

Quality of life research: a critical introduction

Many books have been published on quality of life research in recent years, but few are as thought provoking or original as this one. It is essential reading for anyone who has a serious and critical interest in this topic.

Doing and writing qualitative research

This book is a very useful addition to the literature on qualitative methods, and, although it makes few direct references to nursing, midwifery or other health professions, I would have no difficulty in recommending it to postgraduate students interested in this approach or, indeed, to PhD candidates who were not familiar with the qualitative approach. I am sure they would find the author’s clarity of style and skillfully chosen illustrations helpful as they sought to get to grips with the practicalities of qualitative methods.