Pavan Amara

Illustration shows a circle, the outer edges of which are in bold red, with a red stripe going diagonally across a knife, fork and glass filled with liquid, suggesting a nil by mouth instruction

Nil by mouth: is your team following outdated ‘rules’?

Best practice NBM steps that all nursing and healthcare staff should be aware of

An older woman sitting up in bed holds out her hand to receive a pill from a nurse

How to avoid medication errors in care homes

Practical advice for nurses on prescribing and administering drugs to older people

Picture shows a placard being held up in support of fair pay for nursing during the RCN strike in 2022

Pay reviews: what’s holding nursing back and what’s next after 20 years of AfC?

Unions are divided over the best way to overhaul Agenda for Change and boost retention

An illustration depicting a mental health crisis: images include a stressed face, with others depicting a low battery depicting burnout and a collapsed figure

How can the crisis in mental health nursing be turned around?

Caseloads, lack of support and a negative work culture all raise safety and burnout fears

A fast-paced image of paramedics and nursing staff swiftly rushing a patient on a trolley into the emergency department

Toxicity in the ED: how to change a culture of blame and shame

What can be done to tackle toxicity in your workplace?

Ramadan and how to keep energy levels up in clinical practice during a month of fasting

Tips on the best ways to minimise hunger and thirst, while making time to pray on shift

A nurse sitting at a table with a person with learning disabilities and epilepsy going through the Clive Treacey Safety Checklist

Promoting safe care for people with epilepsy and a learning disability and/or autism

Nurses can use the new Clive Treacey Safety Checklist to support service users

Illustration featuring five different NHS uniform tunic colours, from left to right: indigo, green, sea blue, navy blue and light blue

Uniform approach: what we like about our standardised scrubs

Nurses from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the pros of their nations’ uniforms

Illustration showing a hospital site with several buildings surrounded by glass, and a large magnifying glass sitting alongside it, suggesting an inspection of the hospital’s services

CQC inspections demystified: how they work and nurses’ and managers’ roles

What a Care Quality Commission visit will cover, and the support available for staff

Illustration of nursing staff standing in a line, there are visible gaps and a hand inserts a figure to fill one of them

Accept no substitutes: why swapping out nurses from the roster must not become the norm

Find out how you and your colleagues can take a stand to protect the team’s skill mix

A medic talks to a patient sitting on a bed in a ward corridor

Corridor care: how much more can ED staff take?

Advice for nurses on keeping patients safe when care standards are compromised

IV paracetamol shortage: what you need to know

Advice on alternative routes of paracetamol administration and other pain-relieving drugs

NHS staff parking: who pays, what are the rules and can I challenge charges?

Many nurses still pay to park at work, despite a lack of alternatives and rising costs

How to reduce your chances of getting a virus at work this winter

Do your best to avoid common winter viruses by upping your infection control game

Spiritual care: what you need to know, whatever your practice setting

Understanding and addressing patients’ spiritual needs is essential to person-centred care

Rare neurodevelopmental disorders: what you need to know

Getting to know the characteristics of rare disorders can improve patient care

Patient suicide in mental health settings: how to cope with the aftermath

Coping strategies can help but more training and support is needed

How can nurses help improve mental health services for children?

Could dual registration help solve the crisis in mental healthcare for children?