Nicola Noble

Menopause advanced nurse practitioner: my specialist role and how I got here

How to become an ANP in a specialty that requires a rich variety of knowledge and skills

Menopause symptoms

Symptom management in women undergoing the menopause

The menopause is a physiological event involving ovarian failure as a result of a loss of ovarian follicular activity, which leads to oestrogen deficiency, resulting in permanent cessation of menstruation and loss of reproductive function. Women undergoing the menopause are seen in a range of healthcare settings. It is important that all nurses, particularly those practising in primary care and women’s health, have an understanding of the symptoms, treatment and long-term implications of the menopause on women’s health and quality of life. This article outlines the symptoms of the menopause and the available treatments for these, including hormone replacement therapy, non-hormonal treatments and alternative therapies, and discusses how nurses can assist women undergoing the menopause to improve their health and quality of life during this often challenging time.