Nick Triggle

Greater collaboration vital to treating asthma in the young

Asthma is now so common that in every classroom there will be, on average, at least two children who have the condition. But such familiarity seems to have bred complacency. In 2014 the National Review of Asthma Deaths: Why Asthma Still Kills warned not enough was being done to reduce unnecessary admissions and deaths. The findings were shocking, but perhaps not surprising.

Key workers ‘essential’ for cancer care

The role of the key worker for children with cancer has been much talked about over the years. Back in 2005, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommended the post be used to co-ordinate care in recognition of the complexities involved for children, parents and professionals

Specialist carers have vital role in stubbing out lung cancer

Ten years ago the UK Lung Cancer Coalition (UKLCC) was established to improve outcomes for people diagnosed with the disease. In this respect, it seems to have succeeded because one-year and five-year survival rates have increased

Better use of technology can cut emergency admissions

Hospital staff are bracing themselves for a surge in emergency admissions this winter, but a new report claims the effect of the rise could be mitigated if financial savings are made elsewhere in the NHS

Needs of older people exceed ability of services to respond, claims report

Arguably, the greatest challenge faced by the UK’s health and care sectors in the 21st century is trying to meet the needs of the country’s ageing population. However, if a report by Age UK is accurate, services in England are failing to meet them.

Extra funds set to relieve pressure on staff this winter

The NHS could not be better prepared for winter. At least that was the message when the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England launched their Stay Well This Winter campaign.

Final pieces being put in place to enable seven-day working

News that the British Medical Association has agreed to renegotiate the clause in consultants’ contracts that allows them to opt out of non-emergency weekend duties makes seven-day services in the NHS even more likely

Moving on from where the Cancer Drugs Fund failed

When the Cancer Drugs Fund was launched in 2010, it was hailed as the solution to getting patients access to innovative drugs. It has since become a fixture in the health service in England.

Better access to care would quell interest in assisted dying

The recently rejected bill on legalising assisted dying has triggered passionate debate, says Nick Triggle

Community children's teams need investment in push for seven-day care

Creating a seven-day NHS has emerged as one of the key health issues since the general election. And now that the doctors’ union, the British Medical Association, has agreed to discuss how the consultant contract could be altered – it allows consultants to opt out of non-emergency care at weekends – change seems likely

National children’s care report shows disparities in treatment

Hospital care for children and young people is good, but ‘worrying’ gaps remain in how some of the most vulnerable are treated, according to the first official national children’s survey

NHS staff need to become advocates for healthier lives to give children 'best...

Much has been made by government and policymakers of the need for the NHS to become efficient in return for the extra investment being made during this parliament. But there is another element that NHS England’s Five-Year Forward View flagged up last year – the need for people to live healthier lives

World class cancer service promised for UK by 2020

Nurses will need to play a crucial role if the ambitions set out in the five-year cancer...

How are we going to pay for the care of older people?

It was, tantalisingly, so close. After years of debate it had been decided that, from 2016,...

Strong leadership needed to ensure NHS makes savings

Leadership and management in the NHS have been put at the centre of government plans for the...

Plan for seven-day services receives mixed reception

Creating more seven-day services in the NHS in England has been one of the central themes of...

Nurses stress need for long-term planning and support for looked after children

As a cohort of patients, the number of looked after children is not great, but their needs...