Niall McCrae


Lessons we can learn from a lost world

Can we revisit old models of care to provide better services for people with mental health problems?


Vantage point: halting health tourism

Inappropriate use of the NHS by people who pay no taxes in the UK is unfair and expensive

The role of community nurses in preventing female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation (FGM) has become a major issue worldwide, including the UK, where the number of women and girls affected has grown. This ritual practice is common in communities originating in parts of Africa and Asia. Although FGM is illegal and causes lasting physical and psychological harm, healthcare services have lacked a robust response until recently. Guided by government policy and clear procedures for detection and reporting, nurses have an important role in preventing FGM and in providing sensitive care for those who have undergone the procedure.

Protected engagement time in mental health inpatient units

Protected engagement time in mental health inpatient units is a fixed period each day during which administrative activities and visiting are suspended so that nurses can focus on individual patient contact. However, there are a number of barriers to implementing this strategy effectively, which include high workloads, staff shortages and lack of supervision to support therapeutic interventions. This article discusses some of these barriers and suggests that managers of acute psychiatric units should ensure that patients have appropriate emotional support, and that skilled mental health nurses should be supported to devote time to therapeutic interventions.