Morag Gray

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Applied Qualitative Research Design

Applied Qualitative Research Design: A Total Framework Approach

This book is suffused with the elements of what the authors call the total quality framework – namely credibility, analysability, transparency and usefulness. Each chapter is built around this framework so the important decisions needed throughout the stages of a qualitative research study are covered.

Classic Grounded Theory: Applications with Qualitative & Quantitative Data

This text fulfils its aim to ‘take the reader back to the roots of grounded theory’ without compromising its three tenets: exploration, emergence and constant comparative analysis.

International Best Practices for Evaluation in the Health Professions

THIS TEXT is a result of the 14th Ottawa Conference, Evaluation in the Health Professions, which took place in the US in 2010. By evaluation, the authors principally refer to assessment in healthcare professions. A number of consensus groups were held during the conference, which covered a range of aspects related to assessment.