Mike Parker

Stock image of a vote going in to a ballot box, with british and EU flags in the background

General election 2019: NHS needs commitment from the new government

A review of the structure of healthcare education and provision should be a priority

Pre-hospital pain assessment in paediatric patients

Pre-hospital pain assessment in paediatric patients

Evaluating the effectiveness of two established pain assessment tools for children

NMC standards have a pragmatic approach to mentoring nursing students

Now ‘all NMC registered nurses and midwives are capable of supervising students’

Students in emergency department

Board's eye view: building resilience for the next generation

Nursing graduates should be prepared for the stark realities of working in an overstretched NHS.

Boards eye view: reflecting on 70 years of the NHS

This year, the NHS will be 70 years old. As we reach this milestone, Mike Parker reflects on all the pioneering work which needs to be celebrated.

Westminster terrorist attack

Board’s eye view: Should NHS staff be offered formal commendations?

The minister who tried to save police officer Keith Palmer on 22 March acted bravely, but we should not give knighthoods to good Samaritans.

Staff showing support for junior doctors

Boards eye view

Considering the potential dangers of cutting the budget for continuing professional development in nurses.

Board’s eye view - Mental health reforms

Prime minister David Cameron last month promised an ‘all-out assault on poverty’ with a series of social reforms to include better mental health services.