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Nurse prescribing is about being a maxi-nurse, not a mini-doctor

In an overstretched NHS, prescribing enables nurses to be more efficient and autonomous

Picture shows older woman taking medication from a dosette box.

Medicines management: Are pill organisers a risk to patient safety?

Problems can arise when patients switch to medication compliance aids


Medicines management: What can I do to help reduce overprescribing in the NHS?

Shrewd and informed prescribing can contribute to the survival of the health service


Do I need a prescription to administer medicines in life-threatening situations?

What you need to know about practising safely within the law, local policy and your own competence

medicines management paperwork

Transcribing: what the new medicines management guidance states

Royal Pharmaceutical Society and RCN publish document on transcribing information

Is it safe to prescribe both benzodiazepines and opiate analgesics?

A study highlights the need for care in prescribing for older people with Alzheimer’s

Diabetes in hospital

What can I do to help improve medication safety for patients with diabetes?

How to be at the forefront of the drive to improve care for inpatients with diabetes

Brexit raises the risk of dangerous delays in the supply of medicines

Clarity is needed about how the supply of medicines might be affected by a ‘no deal’ Brexit


The risks of technology can outweigh the benefits

Patient safety and confidentiality may be under threat in the increasingly digital workplace

Lessons from Gosport: If you have concerns, make someone aware

Review into untimely deaths shows nurses must know the intended use of medicines

What’s new about revised NMC standards for prescribers

Revised standards change time limits on nurses taking courses

Matt Griffiths: The UK pioneered nurse prescribing, but are we making it count?

Many nurses who can prescribe do so infrequently, or not at all. A review of the nurse prescribers’ formulary may help to overcome one of the barriers

Medicines management: Should applicants for staff nurse posts have numeracy tests?

An increasing number of medication incidents are due to calculation errors, and while...

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With new co-dydramol products now available with a higher strength of opioid analgesic...

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As the registered nurse preparing medicines, you are ultimately responsible for making sure...

Medicines management: Can I hide medication in a patient’s food? 

Health professionals do not have the right to administer medication to patients against...

Medicines management: How best to manage medicines that patients bring into hospital

When patients bring their own medicines into hospital, it is important they are managed...

Medicines management: Why should nurses have the flu vaccination? 

With a predicted doubling of influenza cases in the UK this year, it is more important than...