Liz Halcomb

Illustration of woman viewing a clock and time demands

Tips on how to improve research productivity and time management

How a proactive approach will help you to maximise your output

Writing research

Tips for planning a paper for publication

Nurse Researcher is keen to encourage prospective authors to write and share their knowledge

Research conference

UK nurse research training programmes prove to be a hot topic at RCN conference

An international conference offered the chance for nurse researchers worldwide to share ideas


A medal that shows how far nurse research has come

Nurses should seek opportunities to showcase the quality work being done by nurse researchers in all areas of practice


Successful researchers rarely tend to work in isolation

Liz Halcomb on the attibutes of good researchers and the value of teamwork

Measuring research

Measuring up quantitative research methods

Liz Halcomb highlights the areas of debate and introduces four new articles


Maximise your research impact to make a difference

High impact research, maximising research reach and measuring the effects should be priority

Predatory publishing

Time to 'fight the fakes' and stand against predatory publishers

A concerted effort from researchers is needed to combat research papers with no peer review or editorial oversight

A woman in a library writing

Questions to ask yourself before submitting a paper

There are some simple pieces of advice to follow if you want to get your research published


Bridging the theory-practice gap

Compared with clinically focused units, research coursework is often viewed negatively and demonstrating its relevance to students can be challenging for nurse academics (Halcomb and Peters 2009).

Promoting your article

Dissemination beyond publication

The mantra ‘publish or perish’ has meant disseminating work in peer-reviewed literature. Digital has changed the way readers access content and has created a need to disseminate work widely for maximum impact. Research metrics used internationally to evaluate research are now based on the number of citations of a paper.