Leah Rosengarten

Continuing professional development: evaluating a masterclass for band 5 children’s nurses

Continuing professional development: evaluating a masterclass for band 5 children’s...

Why you should read this article • To increase your awareness of the importance of continuous professional development for staff • To improve your understanding of the factors that can support children’s nurses to develop their career • To find out about a masterclass designed to support band 5 children’s nurses with their career development Background Continuing professional development (CPD) is an important factor in being able to recruit and retain staff. However, it is recognised that budget constraints make offering CPD difficult, and it often falls to local NHS organisations and higher education providers to develop CPD initiatives that are fit for purpose. Aim To evaluate the impact of a CPD masterclass on band 5 children’s nurses. Method Fourteen band 5 children’s nurses attended a CPD masterclass delivered as a series of workshops over one day. Participants completed questionnaires before, at the end of, and three months after the masterclass. The pre-masterclass and three-month follow-up questionnaires included the short version of the Occupational Self-Efficacy Scale. Findings After the masterclass, all participants had a plan (or a partial plan) for their career development, compared with 79% before it. Participants felt more confident at handling challenging situations at work after the masterclass. Participants appreciated the opportunity to focus on their CPD needs and discuss them with colleagues. Conclusion Time for CPD, career development opportunities, workplace culture, learning and development, and confidence are all important factors to consider when developing CPD opportunities for band 5 children’s nurses.

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Teamwork in nursing: essential elements for practice

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