Layla Lavallee


Infant bed-sharing: supporting parents to make an informed decision

The practice of infant bed-sharing remains controversial in countries such as the UK and the US, despite its prevalence, and healthcare professionals are often faced with the task of advising parents on bed-sharing without the support of consistent or up-to-date guidelines. This article explores UK and US recommendations on infant bed-sharing, considering the existing evidence. The possible relationship between infant bed-sharing and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is explored, alongside other factors that may be linked to SIDS. Areas where further research is required are identified and appropriate resources are provided, with a view to empowering healthcare professionals to support parents in making an informed and proactive decision about infant bed-sharing.

The Hands-on Guide to Midwifery Placements

This is an excellent resource for anyone considering or currently undergoing midwifery training. It provides a realistic and honest view of the challenges faced by midwifery students, along with practical advice and tips for making the most of clinical placements.

Proactive Support of Labor: The Challenge of Normal Childbirth (Second edition)

New to this revised edition is a highly critical expose on what the authors argue is the common practice in obstetrics of misinterpreting and wrongly applying evidence. The sections on audit and quality control have also been revamped.

Clinical presentation, assessment and management of pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a complex and unpredictable disorder that may occur during pregnancy. Its presentation ranges from mild to severe, and the condition may lead to the death of the mother and/or the baby in extreme cases. The earlier the disorder is detected and managed, the better the outcome. This article provides an outline of the disorder and its management, within the framework of UK and international guidelines. A series of suggested activities encourages the reader to reflect on the information provided within the context of their practice.