Kathy Davis

Computer artwork depicts an MRI brain scan revealing the effects of a stroke, showing a blood clot. Upper limb impairment, which occurs in a majority of strokes and requires rehabilitation, is reviewed in three research papers.

Upper limb rehabilitation following a stroke

Rehabilitation for upper limb impairment, which occurs in a majority of strokes, is reviewed

Care of children dependent on long-term ventilation

Three studies examine the rise in long-term ventilation to support respiratory function

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome

This is a chronic debilitating illness and is, for many, a long-term condition. Our focus summarises three recent research studies relating to chronic fatigue syndrome

Complex care needs

Health promotion for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities

Research confirms that children and young people with severe learning disabilities do not have the same level of access to high-quality care, health education and health promotion activities as children and young people without disabilities. This article discusses a quality improvement, action research project to investigate alternative approaches to health promotion that enhance the health and well-being of children and young people with complex neurodisabilities. The project involved assessment of school records and completion by staff of an eight-question survey. It found that the proactive approach of school nurses in raising awareness and understanding through questioning was positively received, and reinforced how meaningful and relevant information could be delivered to these young people. The project also had unexpected benefits, including more integrated team working, increased knowledge, greater awareness and understanding of the importance of health promotion participation, and student satisfaction.

Blended feeds in children and young people

Aspects of blended feeds in children and young people are explored through the following three studies.

Cognitive impairment

Research Focus: Mild cognitive impairment

The current trend considers a more heterogeneous overview of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) as functional decline, rather solely memory loss. This digest reviews three recent papers that factor ageing, amnesia, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease on people with MCI. Compiled by Kathy Davis, nurse researcher at The Children’s Trust in Tadworth, Surrey, and independent specialist nurse consultant in colorectal and pelvic floor disorders in Wimbledon, London.


Research focus: Scoliosis and spinal surgery in adolescence

We look at three recent studies on a specific topic.