Kat Millward

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How to ensure better integrated care

Three recent studies look at methods to facilitate greater integrated care

Diabetes self-management

Three articles investigate strategies to support the self-management of diabetes


Robots in healthcare

Robotics are being increasingly used in healthcare, but their introduction can be problematic as shown by the following pieces of research

Research focus: E-cigarettes

In recent years e-cigarette use has increased significantly and may be seen as a safer smoking alternative or a method of smoking cessation. Three recent research articles on e-cigarettes are summarised.


Research focus: green spaces

People are becoming increasingly aware of the positive impact that access to open spaces and gardens can have on health. This digest summarises three recent articles exploring this link.

Impact of the National Health Service Health Check on cardiovascular disease risk: a...

The NHS Health Check (HC) programme was introduced in 2009 to reduce cardiovascular disease mortality and morbidity for all patients aged 40 to 74 years in England. Three recent studies programme are reviewed.