Karin Cannons

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Pain Comorbidities: Understanding and Treating the Complex Patient

In my experience of clinical practice, patients with more than one concurrent condition have more than one source of pain. Diagnosis and treatment planning for patients in pain with complex symptoms can sometimes be difficult, and often requires a multi- or interdisciplinary approach

Pain Comorbidities: Understanding and Treating the Complex Patient

This book was written by credible authors who are all experts in their fields. A lengthy and expensive tome, it would be a useful addition to any library, but its cost probably precludes individual ownership.

Pain is Really Strange

Written by chiropractor Steve Haines and illustrated by Sophie Standing, this book ‘attempts to look at how pain works and what you can do about it’.

Pain Management in Nursing Practice

Written by a registered psychologist, who is also a retired nurse with experience of teaching undergraduate nurses, this is a comprehensive resource that summarises most of the essential knowledge required to manage pain across the continuum from acute pain to cancer pain via chronic pain.

Confronting Chronic Pain– A Pain Doctor’s Guide to Relief

Written by a Californian pain doctor and a medical author with an easy writing style, this book is packed with helpful tables, illustrations and case histories.

Managing Pain in Children: A Clinical Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals–...

The first edition of this book has long been regarded as a seminal text by those who care for children with acute pain. This second edition, again edited by internationally renowned clinicians, is a valuable update.