Jonathan Beebee

Closing hospitals is not the answer

Changing mindsets and enforcing positive behaviours support can be the most effective remedy to modern functioning hospitals, argues Jonathan Beebee.

Constructing a model of professional practice

An article in Learning Disability Practice last year argued the need for a model for learning disability care, and so a small-scale opinion survey and facilitated discussion on social media were conducted to gauge support for the proposal. The results suggest a desire for such a model among participants, although questions were raised about how it could be achieved while maintaining the core values of learning disability care. This article explores further what the model might need to comprise to ensure sustainable and progressive practice.

Learning disability awareness training for hospital staff

Hospitals should be accessible to everyone. As a Valuing People Support Team publication put it, ‘all means all’, and if we can get it right for people with learning disabilities we can get it right for everyone (Greig 2002).

improve and care

Issues relating to the sexuality of people with learning disabilities are receiving increasing attention from researchers and practitioners alike. Authors have also examined the implications of sex offences committed by people with learning disabilities (Savarimuthu and Brunnell 2003, Cambridge 1996, Timms and Goreczny 2002).