Jane Robinson

Nurses+QI=better hospital performance? A critical review of the literature

Nurses+QI=better hospital performance? A critical review of the literature

NHS regulators, such as NHS Improvement and the Care Quality Commission, promote staff involvement in quality improvement (QI), while national nursing leaders and the Nursing and Midwifery Council advocate nurses’ involvement in improving services. This article critically explores the evidence base for a national nursing strategy to involve nurses in QI using a literature review. A thematic analysis shows that nurse involvement in QI has several positive outcomes, which are also included in the NHS Improvement’s Single Oversight Framework for NHS Providers. The article concludes that nurse involvement in QI helps improve hospital performance.

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Clinical improvement project lead Jane Robinson on recent recommendations from NHS Improvement

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Reflection, return to practice and revalidation

This article explores the use of reflection and critical thinking during a return-to-practice programme, demonstrating both concepts and their value in developing insight. The aim of the article is to provide insight into a learner’s reflection about nursing older people and encourage nurses to reflect and think critically about their own practice, which is a requirement of forthcoming revalidation. Lessons learned as a result of reflection must be demonstrated in order for registered nurses to revalidate. Reflection and insight gained from critical thinking can have a positive effect on individual nurses and the quality of patient care they provide.