Jacqui Thornton


International: Building diabetes care around the patient

A 'one stop' programme providing personalised care could help Mexico turn the tide of its diabetes epidemic.


Nursing in Somalia: ‘I have saved many lives – that’s what’s important’

Conflict and drought have created desperate conditions for the people of Somalia, forcing thousands to flee their homes and live in makeshift camps. Despite the problems, nurses are leading the way in combating severe malnutrition and other devastating diseases.

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'Working with nurses in Myanmar opened my eyes'

British nurse Jennifer Sims grew personally and professionally during the ten months she spent teaching in a hospital in Myanmar.

CRUK roundtable

Clinical trials – improving patient experience

Clinical nurse specialists and clinical research nurses can work collaboratively to promote opportunities for research and improve patients’ experiences before, during and after trials.

Charlize Theron

HIV in South Africa

'Ultimately young people will end the epidemic'

Nimart nurses

Transforming HIV care across sub-Saharan Africa

Ambitious targets are in place to beat AIDS by 2030 and nurses are taking a leading role in fulfilling the '90-90-90' goal, writes Jacqui Thornton.

Michelle Croxton and Gary Barker

Meet award-winning HIV nurse specialist Gary Barker

After developing a programme helping people living with HIV to access exercise classes, nutrition advice and healthcare, Gary Barker was named the UK's HIV Nurse of the Year 2015 by the National HIV Nurses Association.

Baby Graziella

Caring for families on the Zika front line

Zika-linked microcephaly has brought professional and personal challenges for nurses in Brazil. As the world gears up for the Rio Olympics next month, Jacqui Thornton reports from the heart of the outbreak

A lifeline for cancer patients in Africa

In Rwanda, many people with cancer are diagnosed too late because of low awareness of the disease coupled with a lack of specialist facilities and staff. The opening of a specialist centre in the northern part of the country is extending and saving lives.