Isabel Dosser


Book review: The Reflective Practice Guide

Isabel Dosser reviews an interdisciplinary approach to critical reflection.

Reflective practice

The Reflective Practice Guide: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Critical Reflection

The aim of this book is to support professional practitioners for whom reflection is integral to practice. This aspect of the publication makes it unique among books on reflective practice, which usually cover only one discipline

Understanding reflective practice

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requires that nurses and midwives use feedback as an opportunity for reflection and learning, to improve practice. The NMC revalidation process stipulates that practitioners provide examples of how they have achieved this. To reflect in a meaningful way, it is important to understand what is meant by reflection, the skills required, and how reflection can be undertaken successfully. Traditionally, reflection occurs after an event encountered in practice. The authors challenge this perception, suggesting that reflection should be undertaken before, during and after an event. This article provides practical guidance to help practitioners use reflective models to write reflective accounts. It also outlines how the reflective process can be used as a valuable learning tool in preparation for revalidation.