Ewout van Sabben


An enquiry into young men at risk of suicide in the UK

Men are at a higher risk of suicide; 70% of people who die by suicide are men. By exploring some of the reasons behind suicide in young men aged 15-29 years old, this article will look at not just the influence of perceived physical strength, but also their mental state of mind. The article combines information from the World Health Organization, research conducted in other countries and the information available in the UK, to hopefully benefit and encourage further research to be carried out. Men’s mental health is at the forefront of many campaigns, but there is still a lack of understanding about why suicide occurs.

What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to hospital, and one nursing student is creating a toolkit that will include tips from specialists and signposting to additional support


Observing cardiac surgery made me appreciate theatre nurses’ role

Watching a surgeon replace a young patient’s heart valves helped children’s nursing student Ewout van Sabben appreciate the valuable role played by theatre nurses.