Daniel Allen

Bad manager

How to handle a bullying, weak or incompetent boss

Tips on initiating constructive conversations and where to seek support over poor leadership

What is the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) and why is it important?

NEWS2 has created a common language so nurses can act quickly to help deteriorating patients

Pre-death grief: how to support families with bereavement before the end of life

Grief can begin long before death, as with terminal illnesses such as dementia or cancer

Gender dysphoria represented by symbols in and outside of  a head shape

Gender dysphoria in young people: what you need to know

Distress, confusion and shame can affect young people, but nurses can offer support

Second-year blues: when you’re no longer new, but far from the finish line

Anxiety levels can soar in year two but support is available to help you find confidence

Scientific 3D illustration of cancer cells: Neuroendocrine Cancer UK has published an ideal patient care pathway for nurses and other healthcare professionals for people with neuroendocrine neoplasms

Pathway aims to raise awareness of neuroendocrine cancers and improve patient outcomes

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK has published an ideal patient care pathway for nurses

Nurses’ COVID deaths: did those personal tragedies lead to lasting change?

One legacy was highlighting how race inequalities in nursing can have deadly consequences

Medicines management and avoiding errors: 10 things nursing students need to know

Read experts’ tips on safe medicines management and how to deal with mistakes

A young nurse smiles as she leans over a baby lying in a hospital bed – more than a century after the first children’s nurse was registered, senior figures in the specialty fear that progress made over the years has now stalled

Children’s nursing: the long road to professional recognition

How nurses in the specialism still struggle for status as full members of the profession

Student-led wards: can they help boost your clinical skills and confidence?

Collaborative learning puts students at the forefront of decision-making

Terminal agitation: how to deal with distressing symptoms at the end of life

Advice on treating agitation, supporting families and coping with difficult patient deaths

How secondment could transform your career or offer a new direction

What you can gain from a role switch and the learning opportunities it brings

Pain management: where to start and when to use assessment tools

How to improve your skills and confidence in managing patients’ pain

Dual registration degrees: what are the benefits?

How gaining knowledge and practical experience in two areas will boost your career choices

RESTORE2: how to spot the ‘soft signs’ of deterioration

Tools to help in recognising signs of deterioration and improve outcomes for older people

Moral injury: what to do if are affected by it, and how to reduce the risk

Being forced to make decisions that go against your morals can take an emotional toll

How to turn a written assignment fail into a pass

Failing an assignment can be tough. Find out how to create success out of a struggle

Record-keeping and documentation: how to improve your practice and avoid mistakes

Advice on keeping accurate patient records, and fitting notes-writing into your shift