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Community nurse

Community nurses must take time out for their mental health during the COVID-19 crisis

Prioritising time for yourself during this pandemic is not optional, it's critical

Community nursing

130 years of Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland

The charity is at the heart of the changing agenda for community nursing

How you can protect patients from financial scams

Community nurses should tackle financial abuse, says QNI Scotland's Clare Cable


The Queen’s Nurse returns to Scotland

Community nurses in Scotland now have the opportunity to go on a nine-month development programme to earn the right to be called a Queen’s Nurse. These expert community practitioners will be catalysts for change, says Clare Cable, chief executive of the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland.

Inspiring undergraduates towards a career in community nursing

This article is based on the findings of a literature review commissioned by the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland as part of its commitment to promote an evidence-based educational policy. An analysis of the literature suggests that there is potential to expand the provision of community placements beyond traditional clinical areas and these placements should be identified and overseen in collaboration with managers, mentors and higher education institutions to ensure a consistent approach and a positive learning experience. This may inspire undergraduate nurses to pursue a career in community nursing. Currently, there is little evidence to support models. High-quality evaluation research is required to ensure that new models are developed using a sound evidence base.