Caroline Nicholson

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COVID-19 ‘surge’ training: helping nurses provide compassionate end of life care

Redeployed staff learn about communication skills and their roles as witness bearers

Collaboration between relatives of elderly patients and nurses and its relation to...

Danish researchers investigated how collaboration between relatives and nurses affects carers’ experiences during admissions. The researchers also examined the relationship between carer satisfaction, carers’ characteristics and specific aspects of collaboration.

Carer engagement in the hospital care of older people: an integrative literature review

There is a lack of definitions, evidence and guidance about carer engagement in hospitals. In this study, researchers carried out an integrative literature review to assess the components of carer engagement for older people’s hospital care.

How do we facilitate carers’ involvement in decision making?

Despite being 15 years old, this study remains relevant. To investigate carer involvement in care planning in the psychiatric unit of an older person’s hospital, the researchers observed multidisciplinary ward rounds and family meetings, and reviewed documentation about admissions, discharges and care plans. They also conducted interviews with 20 carers and with members of the 29-strong multidisciplinary team to explore their experiences of carer involvement.