Carol Davis

Picture shows TV presenter Carrie Grant with her family (L-R): Talia, Imogen, Carrie, Nathan, David, Olive. She wants better autism training and awareness, and says nurses can help through ‘collaboration, community and curiosity’

Hollyoaks' staff have more training in autism awareness than some health...

TV star Carrie Grant says nurses can help through ‘collaboration, community and curiosity’

Image show emergency care Knifesavers staff in Liverpool University hospital

Knife crime: emergency care nurses lead groundbreaking project to save lives

KnifeSavers team launch specialist bleeding control kits and offer free training


Spreading the word about research

If you want people to participate in research studies, ensure the experience is positive and meaningful for them.

Community concerns

District nurses want to spend less time on paperwork

Champions needed

Provision of specialist epilepsy care across the UK is extremely patchy, with fewer than 300 epilepsy specialist nurses despite a need for 1,100, according to a leading charity.

A specialty in crisis

Around half of diabetes specialist nurses are expected to retire in the next decade, and one third of hospitals now have no specific diabetes inpatient specialist nurses.

Less continence stress

Brenda Cheer believes early support is key.

Award-winning project raises care standards and patient satisfaction

A project involving the introduction of a new discharge pathway has been recognised as joint best patient support initiative by Breast Cancer Care. Two audits have shown that the service has improved standards of care and reduced patient anxiety.