Bethann Siviter

Older man with walking stick and nurse. Picture: iStock

Ask and listen: disabled people are experts in their own care

Bethann Siviter, a wheelchair user with an assistance dog, gives tips on disability etiquette

Illustration shows person using megaphone to try to get message across to someone who may not be listening

Before my rare condition was finally diagnosed, I struggled to be believed

Clinicians should keep an open mind about what might seem like an obvious diagnosis

Multidisciplinary team meeting. Photo: Science Photo Library

Being diagnosed with cancer was like being let in on a secret

After being told she has a rare tumour, nurse Bethann Siviter turns to Google for answers

Illustration of patient talking to a doctor

Talking about incontinence: a patient perspective

Nurse Bethann Siviter on her experience of being diagnosed with colon cancer

Dipstick urine test advice misses the point

Advice against using dipsticks to identify UTIs in people over 65 appears flawed

Birthday wish: the woman who changed everyone's ideas about her dementia

People with dementia can be more resilient and comprehend more than nurses and family believe

Will we overcome the bullying culture in nursing?

Bethann Siviter asks what we have learned from a 2001 article on bullying culture

Cost of life

Life at any cost

Should the cost of emergency care be considered when a patient's life is at risk? And what will this mean for the NHS?

protective circle around person

Safeguarding and how we can get it right

Adult safeguarding is a complex area requiring all our judgement and compassion

What would you do to help a homeless person?

With an already overstrecthed NHS, and increasing amounts of homelessness in the UK, Bethann Siviter wants to know how the two can run seamlessly

Are you working in the NHS you can trust?

Bethann Siviter: We often speak about how social care could be improved. It’s time to speak loudly

What a pain

How can we get pain management right for the patient?

Do you mind?

Why is physical and mental health considered two different things, and what barriers can be...

It’s up to you which direction your nursing goes

Sometimes obstacles get in your way, but as Bethann Siviter knows, this gives nurses the...

A focus on ability

Nurses should focus on accessibility and enhancing ability.

From the front line – hair of the dog

Having an assistance dog can cut the cost of care considerably, but there can also be...

Where are all the community advanced practice nurses?

As community advanced practice nurses can cost less than GP services, Bethann Siviter asks...

From the front line – What a pain

Bethann Siviter on how pain needs to be regularly assessed for GPs to appreciate the impact...