Amelia Rout

Doing a Research Project in Nursing & Midwifery: a Basic Guide to Research Using...

This is a guide that does what it says on the cover. The writing is accessible and each chapter starts with clear aims and finishes with learning points, offering activities for nursing and midwifery students to practise.

Doing a Research Project in Nursing & Midwifery

THIS BOOK does exactly what is says it will do. The writing style is accessible, and the authors use a variety of techniques to explain more complicated ideas, including diagrams and tables.

Research for Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

THIS IS a well thought out text book that will appeal to pre- and post-registration nurses, as well as a variety of other students within the healthcare setting.

Understanding research for nursing students

This book does exactly what it says it will in that it could be a useful tool for helping nursing students to gain a deeper understanding of the research.

reviews and round-up

A regular look at recent publications relevant to health care and nursing research

Changing higher education

This book discusses the changes that have occurred over the last 30 years in British higher education (HE) and current and future developments. The editor, Ashwin, begins with an introductory chapter that presents the main themes, provides a clear picture of relevant changes and puts them in context. Additionally, he introduces the three main sections of the book, including an overview of all the chapters. This is particularly useful as it allows the reader to know what to expect, and skip to relevant sections if appropriate.