Alex McMahon

Vector image showing paper aeroplanes.To mark the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, members of Nursing Management’s editorial advisory team reflect on nursing and advice for aspiring nurse leaders. This article is by  Alex McMahon.

My job is to keep giving nurses the conditions and support they need to flourish

Alex McMahon on his journey to becoming a director of nursing

nursing staff

Vantage point: Why I’m taking a fresh look at roles and routes into nursing

Impending safe staffing law calls for imaginative ways to bolster our workforce


Vantage point: research should be at the core of nursing

NHS Lothian is nurturing a strong culture of research among its nurses and allied health professionals.

Evidence-based nursing guidelines on the web

QUALITY HEALTH CARE is the key objective of the health service in Scotland, but how is this to be achieved? One way is to ensure that start nave good advice and that they work to guidelines which have evidence-based recommendations.