Submitting your article

Checks to do before submission

Before submitting your article, please check carefully:

  • Have you checked the spelling using a UK spell-check program?
  • Have you checked statistical calculations?
  • Have you had a friend or colleague read the article for clarity and sense?
  • Are the references in the reference list complete and in style?
  • If you have rewritten or edited the copy, do you need to take out references from, or add any to, the reference list?
  • Have you included all the information for any boxes, tables or figures?
  • Are boxes, tables and figures cited in the text?
  • Do you need to include photographs or other illustrations?
  • Have you gained the necessary permission to reprint photographs?
  • Are the photographs good enough quality and size?
  • Have you declared any potential conflict of interest?

If you answer 'Yes' to all the above questions, your article is ready for the next stage.

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