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Using social media

Nurses are prolific users of social media and there are many communities of nurses on Twitter that use social media to discuss and debate professional issues.

RCNi uses several social media platforms to encourage nurses and nursing students to start discussions and debates. Our social media accounts also help nurses share innovative best practice and keep up to date with evidence-based care.

Tens of thousands of social media users read RCNi content each month after being directed from RCNi social media accounts. Our main accounts include @NursingStandardJournal on Facebook and @NurseStandard on Twitter. In addition, all RCNi journals and editors have social media platforms, including LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Twitter.


RCNi believes social media is important. If you are thinking of publishing an article with us and you don’t have a Twitter account already, we’d encourage you to set one up as it can help us highlight your article. For details on how to do this, click here:

When you write for us, please let us know your Twitter handle. Once your article is published on an RCNi website, we can promote it on social media.

By tagging your Twitter handle on to our social media content we can involve you in the conversation and help you engage with readers.


Each of our journals has a dedicated Facebook page and editors select from published content what they want to showcase. This can include your article, for example.

Promoting your article

We encourage you to use social media to promote your article. Once your article has been published, we will give you a unique weblink for it. Please share the link with your social media followers. Then, if you let us know about your social media post, we would be happy to share it with our followers too. Please note we do not allow the sharing of PDFs on social media.

Benefit to nurses

Nursing and Midwifery Council guidance states social networks can benefit nurses, for example by giving them somewhere to discuss specific issues, research and clinical experiences.

Don’t just take our word for it: the founder of @WeNurses nurse Teresa Chinn points out that social media can aid reflective practice and revalidation. ‘There is so much more we can do. Nurses have to be creative and think differently about social media. It is not just about being on Twitter or Facebook. They need to think more about being on it to find out things they can use in practice and pass on.’

And increasingly they are, which is why RCNi continues to develop new ways of promoting your article through social media.

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