Promoting your article

Author policies

However you choose to promote your article, you need to make sure it is within the terms of your agreement with the journal.

RCNi’s author license policy allows you to use your article for your own, non-commercial purposes as follows:

  • To reproduce your article in whole, or in part, in any printed volume of which you are the author.
  • For you and your academic institution to include your article in course packs or for teaching purposes.
  • To reuse any figures or tables created by you in any future projects or presentations.

RCNi encourages self-archiving, this is the posting of the final, accepted version of your article in your institution’s online repository, but only six months or more after the publication on In such cases, please provide a link to the final published version on and do not share the article pdf online.

Copyright and permissions

RCNi does not require transfer of copyright but asks authors to grant an exclusive license to publish. This enables us to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store your article and to translate, create summaries or derivative works and to license other do the same. We are committed to disseminating your article through our journals, websites and publishing partners. RCNi’s copyright policies are compatible with all major funders open access and self-archiving mandates.

Third-party material

If your article contains material from a third party, be prepared to demonstrate proof that permission has been cleared. Such material includes, for example, illustrations and other images. If you require advice regarding clearing permission for third-party material, please email

Reusing RCNi content

If you wish to reuse content from an RCNi publication in your article, please email so we can confirm the copyright status. If we do not own the rights to the content, we can point you in the right direction for acquiring permission.

Open access

Open access (OA) content is freely and publicly available without paywall or other barriers, thus allowing research to be disseminated online quickly and widely. You may choose to publish OA or have a mandate from your research funder or institution to do so. If you publish your article OA you may have additional reuse rights, according to the creative commons license selected. For details, go to their website.

Open access is a great way to share your research with the wider academic world and to speed up scientific discovery and advances in nursing. OA articles published by RCNi are subject to the same rigorous, acceptance, peer review and editing processes as our non-OA content. 

RCNi offers the two, widely recognised and complementary routes to OA:

  • Gold: free public access to your article, edited and published on, usually upon your payment of an article processing charge (APC).
  • Green: free public access to your final, accepted version of your article usually on your personal website or your institutional or funder’s repository.

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