Why should a busy nurse bother to tweet?

Think Twitter is not for you, or don’t have the time to find out? Janet Snell discovers what’s in it for nurses and decodes some of the social media jargon.


So what is this thing called Twitter? Most people have heard of it, some are old hands at using it, but to others it is a mysterious world they either fear to enter or have no desire to be part of.

So why should a busy nurse bother to tweet?

Perhaps the best person to answer that question is a nurse who is relatively new to Twitter. Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch hospitals associate director of operations BJ Waltho was urged to start tweeting when she stood for election as deputy chair of RCN congress in 2014.

‘I was very sceptical at first,’ she says. ‘I thought it was all trivia. But it’s not – it’s a powerful way of communicating, engaging, learning and so much more. Also, it is not until you dip your toes in the water that you realise what an inclusive community it is and that is what I like about it.’

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This article was first published in print under the original title 'Preparing to fly into the Twittersphere' in Nursing Standard: 16 September 2015, volume 30, issue 3.