Support in practice May 2012

The first issue looks at roles and responsibilities.

This is a quarterly supplement for healthcare assistants and assistant practitioners.

Support in practice






A bright future for support workers
In the first of Nursing Standard's new supplements for healthcare assistants and assistant practitioners, Lorraine Hicking-Woodison explains why she loves her job.
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On the inside
Fiona Humphreys talks about the varied nature of her work inside an adult prison.
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Legal advice
Richard Griffith on safe delegation
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A process to ensure public protection
Unions argue that healthcare assistants need regulation and better training, but the government continues to follow its own course.
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Time is on your side
With so many competing interests,it can be difficult to prioritise, writes Jane Redfern Jones.
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Private employer leads the way in regulation
At BMI Healthcare, a private sector hospital group of 78 hospitals, a large proportion of healthcare assistant (HCA) staff have national vocational qualifications and training for support staff is mandatory.
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Another hurdle to overcome?
Will the move to all-graduate entry to nursing make it more difficult for healthcare assistants to join the profession? We asked two experts.
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