Support in practice Feb 2013

This is the February supplement for healthcare assistants and assistant practitioners.

It looks at how an AP with a fast-growing skill set reveals the joy of outreach work.

Support in practice

Being heard at the highest level
The RCN health practitioner committee aims to channel assistant practitioner and healthcare assistant input into college policy. Julie Griffiths meets two of its members.
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The rewards of reaching out
Clare Fox explains why she loves working in orthopaedics and carrying out post-operative home visits
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NVQ changes take effect
Until recently, the most common qualifications for healthcare assistants (HCAs) were national vocational qualifications (NVQs) - but the name has changed, and so has the structure.
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Stoma care qualification training programme
Although central government funding is available for national vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and foundation degrees, employers are expected to meet the costs of other courses... and this is where healthcare assistants (HCAs) may find difficulty in gaining approval for study.
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Making a new support role work for everyone
Defining and designing an HCA position is fraught with potential problems. Richard Griffin has seen the right and wrong ways.
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Toilet treasure
Make every contact count - even when patients use the commode, says Florence Winterflood
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Get your finger on the pulse
Robin Lewis goes through the essentials of checking the rate, rhythm and strength of a patient's heartbeat
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Legal advice: Sharing information
A patient's care and treatment may involve sharing information with relatives. Healthcare assistants (HCAs) must exercise caution, however, in observing their duty of confidence to the patient.
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