Support in practice Aug 2012

This is the summer supplement for HCAs and Assistant Practitioners.

These articles include a support worker describing her transition to nursing student.

Support in practice

A fresh perspective
Nursing student Rhia Davies returned to operating theatres where she used to work as a healthcare support worker.
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Legal advice: Richard Griffith on HCAs and the law
Accountability means being legally answerable for your work and conduct. It is fundamental to the protection of people in the care of healthcare assistants (HCAs).
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‘I am free from the managerial work that ties the nurses up’
Paul Smith-James, an assistant practitioner at Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, works on a urology ward.
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Vital signs are vital for a reason
Healthcare assistants need to record patient observations accurately and consistently, writes Robin Lewis
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A role defined by local need
The band 4 assistant practitioner qualification fuses the vocational and academic, but how can fitness to practise be measured?
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Put it down on paper
Clear, concise record-keeping is a vital part of good patient care, explains Jane Redfern Jones
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The right qualifications
Frances Pickersgill explains some of many ways to access pre-registration nursing education
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Humanity and dignity for all
The RCN principles of nursing practice are relevant for all nursing staff.
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