Reflective practice

Effective assessment of skills and knowledge

Develop your reflective practice to become a better nurse.

Developing reflective practice involves asking yourself what worked, what didn't, and what you would change for a better outcome in a particular situation.  Learn to effectively assessing your own and other's practice to gain new skills and knowledge as a nurse.

In praise of students' reflections on practice 
Mary Donnelly is proud of the compassion and insight her undergraduates show.
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A patient with learning disabilities confounded my preconceptions 
Before starting my nurse training, I did not have any experience of working or socialising with people with learning disabilities. A recent interaction with a patient in the community caused me to evaluate my attitude to this group and identify areas for my development.
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Caring professionals have been landmarks on my learning journey
As a mature student with a husband and children, I have faced many ups and downs that come with having a busy life. But one of the most challenging experiences has undoubtedly been my role as a nursing student.
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Effective teamwork resulted in the best outcome for everyone 
I was on a placement in a rheumatology clinic and was helping to look after a patient who had been given a local anaesthetic and a steroid injection as part of a procedure.
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Using reflective practice to learn from good and bad experiences 
During her nursing diploma, Kristina Royds encountered different mentorship styles. Here she explains how she used the reflective cycle to guide her professional development.
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Listen to my story 
Joanne Odell reflects on the value of using stories within a work-based learning approach to developing practice.
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