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A CPD article enhanced Marie Stevens’ knowledge of intramuscular injection technique

A CPD article enhanced Marie Stevens’ knowledge of intramuscular injection technique.


The article on intramuscular injection technique served as a reminder of safe injection practice. Intramuscular injections require careful planning and evaluation since injections administered inappropriately can have serious consequences for the patient.

Although I do not administer intramuscular injections on a daily basis in my area of practice, the article has increased my knowledge of best practice in injection technique. Patient assessment is essential to ensure safe and effective administration of medicines via intramuscular injection. I ensure that I assess the patient for any drug allergies or contraindications. I inspect the patient’s skin integrity, identify any wounds, and consider the patient’s age and body mass index.

It is important to explain the procedure to the patient and gain informed verbal consent. It is also essential to accurately document the care provided.

The article described common intramuscular injection sites, patient preparation, technique and risks associated with intramuscular injections. I am confident that I can identify the most appropriate injection site based on the type and volume of medication, and the patient’s age and condition.

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This reflective account is based on NS762 Ogston-Tuck S (2014) Intramuscular injection technique: an evidence-based approach. Nursing Standard. 29, 4, 52-59.

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