Promoting your article

Increasing discoverability

Once your article has been published, naturally you want other people to read it.

After all, this is part of spreading good nursing practice and encouraging professional debate. And this is where abstracting and indexing (A&I) services can help.

A&I services increase the ‘discoverability’ of journal content using metadata and abstracts, thereby contributing significantly to the use of scientific literature, and point users to articles, such as yours, in which they are likely to be interested. The metadata shown in most A&I services include the title, author names, date of publication, journal title, volume and issue, page numbers, subject area, keywords and digital object identifier (doi).

A&I services provide an important service to authors and researchers also when they are writing their articles, helping them wade through the mass of online content to find authoritative, peer-reviewed and edited articles that are vital for their research.

Today, more than 400 A&I services exist, covering a range of disciplines and subject areas, both broad and niche, and RCNI’s journals are included in many of these. 




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