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Guidelines for submitting author photos

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Guidelines for nurses publishing a nursing article with RCNi on how to submit a head and shoulders author photo.

If you have been asked to supply a head and shoulders photo of yourself to accompany the article you are publishing in an RCNi nursing journal, follow this guide for the best results.

Example head and shoulders picture
An example of a good 'head and shoulders' picture

  1. Use a suitable camera. Most smartphones have excellent cameras on them, as do tablets. They also make it easy for you to send your picture to us.
  2. Ask a friend, family member or colleague to take a few pictures of you against a plain background, preferably a clean white wall.
  3. Natural light often helps to create the best pictures so do not choose an area that is too dark.
  4. Your phone or tablet computer may give you different options of the size of the photo you are sending. If so, please select ‘Large’ or ‘Original’. If you are not given size options, the photo will, most likely, be sent at the largest size available. Please do not make the photo you are sending us smaller than it is as this often makes it impossible for us to use in print.
  5. We would like the picture composed like the one above, with you at the centre of the picture with some space above your head.
  6. We would also like the pictures to be taken as ‘landscape’ shaped like the picture above, with the longer sides of the picture along the top and bottom edges.
  7. Please email your pictures with your copy to the person requesting it. Alternatively you can email the picture to
  8. Remember to give your full name in the email so we know the picture is of you.


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