Promotional resources for your institution

Promotional resources for your institution

We have produced a wide variety of promotional materials for RCNi Journals to help you inform your colleagues and users about their availability at your institution and help drive usage and engagement.

If you would like any additional help with marketing RCNi journals at your institution, please email


RCNi journals leaflet

  Download the RCNi Journals promotional leaflet as a PDF for printing.








These posters are A4 size - if you need different sizes please let us know. Email

RCNi journals poster               Cancer Nursing Practice poster               Emergency Nurse poster

Learning Disability Practice poster               Mental Health Practice poster               Nursing Children and Young People poster

Nursing Management poster               Nursing Older People poster               Nursing Standard poster

Nurse Researcher poster               Primary Health Care poster

Example emails

We’ve put together example emails which you can use to inform your colleagues and users about RCNi journals. These are a great way of raising awareness internally. 

Click on the links below to save the example emails as a Word document.

RCNi Journals Collection example email
Cancer Nursing Practice example email
Emergency Nurse example email
Learning Disability Practice example email
Mental Health Practice example email
Nursing Children & Young People example email
Nursing Management example email
Nursing Older People example email
Nursing Standard example email
Nurse Researcher example email
Primary Health Care example email

Website banners

You can promote your access to RCNi Journals using these website banners. 

Right click on the image to save the banner.

Horizontal web banner 468x60

Horizontal web banner 468x60

Vertical web banner 120x600     Vertical web banner 120x600



Save these logos to put on your library website to guide users to these resources, or to use as part of the promotional materials you are producing. 

Right click on the image to save the logos you need.

                                                 RCNi logo                                                  

Nursing Standard logo                         

Emergency Nurse logo                                                   Learning Disability Practice logo

Mental Health Practice                                       Nursing Children and Young People logo                                            

Nursing Management logo                                           Nursing Older People logo

 Nurse Researcher logo                                                   Primary Health Care logo