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Policy adviser: case study

This revalidation case study looks at Sarah, a policy adviser, who works at an independent health care company.

Profile: Sarah works as a policy adviser for an independent health care company, ABC Health Care. Due to the nature of Sarah’s role, she does not deliver direct patient care, however her advice and knowledge affects all the patients treated through ABC Health Care.

Sarah has held her position for four years and is due to renew/revalidate. Although there are other nurses in her organisation, her boss is not a registered nurse.

Sarah wants to know:

Do my hours count towards practice hours even though I don’t deliver direct patient care?

Sarah’s hours as a policy adviser are valid practice hours as long as her registration is necessary for the work she does.

My appraisal is done by my boss, who is a business manager, not a nurse or midwife. How do I get confirmation?

Sarah can get confirmation from her line manager as part of her appraisal if she has one. If she doesn’t get an appraisal she can still have a revalidation confirmation conversation with this person. In addition, she will have to get confirmation from one of her registered colleagues.

I don’t treat patients directly, who can I ask for feedback?

Sarah can get feedback from her colleagues or manager. She will need to reflect on this feedback and be able to demonstrate how it has improved her practice. It is likely that this feedback and reflection will be focused on Sarah’s scope of practice, that is policy.

How do I choose continuing professional development (CPD)  that is relevant to my scope of practice?

Sarah will need to think about her CPD and ensure it reflects her scope of practice, and also make sure at least 20 hours of it is participatory.

Case study Sarah

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