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Nursing abroad: case study

This revalidation case study looks at Frederica, a registered nurse, who has moved home to Italy but wants to later return to the UK.

Profile: Frederica is a registered nurse who has accumulated a small number of practice hours at a large UK hospital. Frederica has moved home to Italy but still practises as a nurse. She would like to return to the UK in several years and would like to practise as a nurse when she does.

Frederica wants to know:

Is there any way that practice hours from other European Union countries would contribute to my portfolio?

The hours that Frederica accumulates during her nursing in Italy count towards practice hours for revalidation.

Who would confirm me back in Italy?

Frederica could get confirmation from her manager at the UK hospital in which she accumulated practice hours. She could also get confirmation from her current line manager in Italy.

Frederica will have to ensure that she is registered with her country’s regulatory organisation.

Will feedback and continuing professional development (CPD) work the same for me in Italy as in the UK?

Frederica will need to collect feedback from her patients and nurse colleagues and reflect on this feedback to demonstrate how this has helped her improve her practice.

Frederica will need to ensure that 20 hours of her learning is participatory. She would be sensible to consider joining a network/forum and online learning as a way to skill share with peers working in the UK.

Case study Frederica

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