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Agency nurse: case study

This revalidation case study looks at Chris, an agency nurse, who doesn't have close ties to any one work place.

Profile: Chris has been working as an agency nurse for the past three years and has not had any long term contracts, instead choosing to move between different organisations. As a result Chris has not had an appraisal and has no close ties to any one work place. Chris also doesn’t get his training paid for.

Chris wants to know:

Who do I go to for ‘confirmation’?

Chris could get confirmation from either the person who currently line manages him and a current colleague (depending if the line manager is a registered nurse or midwife). He could also get confirmation from his agency manager and a registered colleague.

He could potentially get confirmation from the people he uses for professional references.

How do I prove my hours of practice?

Chris should keep a log of the hours he has worked for each employer, and the scope of practice involved, to be able to demonstrate that he has completed enough practice hours.

Who should be paying for my training and how can I afford this new ‘participatory’ training?

Chris is responsible for his own continuing professional development (CPD) and needs to look at what kind of participatory and non-participatory learning activities suit him. With a limited budget, Chris may opt to try:

Online distance learning which involves online interaction with other nurses

Request mentoring and skill-sharing with colleagues in a similar situation

Case study Chris

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