An RCN credential for your advanced practice

RCN deputy director of nursing Professor Dame Donna Kinnair wants to hear your views on the college's credential programme.

Nursing is a crucial profession. At the times of our life when we are at our most vulnerable, most in pain, most in need of care, it is likely that care will be provided by a nurse. In primary care you will know how much of a lifeline nurses are to patients, clients and communities.

Working as a nurse in the current political and national environment can be especially tough, and the contribution nurses make to the health of our communities has never been more important. So this year the RCN is delighted to introduce our credentialing programme. We are starting with nurses qualified in advanced practice and will be moving through the entire nursing career pathway.

Deserved recognition

As the need for nursing practice continues to expand and nurses adopt more skills and independence in their practice, new nursing roles are developing. It is right then that the UK professional body for nursing helps seek for nurses the recognition they deserve.

An RCN credential in advanced level practice nursing is formal recognition for each nurse, their colleagues, employers and most crucially patients and the public, of the level of expertise and skill in their practice, their leadership, their teaching and their research.

We are launching the programme now with a test phase. It is important to us that we hear your views, ensure your practice and professionalism informs what we do, and that we work with you to ensure the process rigorously assesses to an advanced level of practice so that it provides meaningful assurance.

I am keen to include nurses working in primary care. You are at the forefront of advances in nursing practice and often work in relatively independent settings requiring autonomy, competence,compassion and skill. If you are interested to know more, be involved or have your voice heard why not email us

About the author

Donna Kinnair
Nathan Clarke

Professor Dame Donna Kinnair is RCN deputy director of nursing, email her at donna.kinnair@rcn.org.uk