Raise the profile of your nurse specialty by entering the 2018 RCNi Nurse Awards

Do you have a project that you have worked on tirelessly to get off the ground that is now proving successful? Or are you part of a team that has shown spirit and determination to improve patient care in a new or innovative way? If so, have you thought about entering the 2018 RCNi Nurse Awards?

These awards are the nursing profession’s top accolade for nursing excellence. Entering them will help you to share your project with the wider nursing community, raise the profile of your specialty, gain national recognition and influence nursing practice more widely.

Watch: Highlights from the 2017 RCNi Nurse Awards ceremony

Primary Health Care is closely linked with the community nursing award. This award is for individual nurses to teams who work in community, primary care and public health roles. Whether you work in a health centre, general practice, care home, school, patients’ homes or one of the myriad of other locations excellent work is taking place, we want to hear about your innovation and good practice.

The quality of innovation displayed in the entries for this year’s award was overwhelming, and revealed just how resilient and focused you are. Projects ranged from small-scale schemes set up by single individuals changing an aspect of clinical care, to multi-disciplinary teams working to change the health of entire populations.

The 2017 Community Nursing Award winner, Anne Thomas, worked with a team to transform men’s health from an outpatient’s hospital in rural Wales. Her community development approach to health promotion was an inspiring example of tackling inequality and taking prevention education to the population who most needed it.

Gilly Barringer, a community nurse specialising in palliative care at a hospice in Plymouth, was highly commended for her work with homeless people at the end of life.

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